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Surprising Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is appearing everywhere from homes, condos, restaurants to luxurious hotels and resorts. If you are wondering why concrete flooring is becoming even more popular we are here to help you answer that question. There are many reasons why owning a concrete floor is beneficial including; they are eco-friendly, durable and economical.TopLine Polish

Concrete floors will last a lifetime and some will even look better over time. Concrete is here to stay, which makes it eco-friendly. You will not need to replace your floor; you can just have it refinished instead. You are also not wasting any materials during the install process as you are simply improving upon the materials that already exists. This is one of the many reasons why concrete flooring is so concrete eco-friendly.

Concrete floors are long lasting, sustainable and durable. You will not need to worry about damaging your floors or costly repairs. Your concrete floor will last you forever.

Concrete flooring is a great way to save money in the long run when it comes to re-doing your flooring. Our team will come in and use the existing slab and turn it into something beautiful. Whether it gets coated with an epoxy, polyaspartic, paint chips, or gets polished with a beautiful sheen finish, all of these options will look great and will be beneficial for your budget because you will not need to pay to have your entire floor surface removed and then buy new materials and have them installed.

As you can see, concrete flooring is here to stay, it’s friendly for the environment and it’s a great way to stay on budget during the renovation process. There are many different ways to finish a concrete floor, check out our finish and coating options here.

If you are interested in learning more about concrete flooring. Contact us today!

Facts About Staining Concrete Floors

You may have come across a stained concrete floor without even knowing that the floor was concrete in the first place. There are many different appearances that concrete can take on and there are also many different varieties of stains and techniques used to make a concrete floor look beautiful, custom and unique. Let’s talk about the process and results of staining concrete floors.staining concrete flooring ottawa floors

The best benefits of staining your concrete floor are that; the stain will not peel off, chip or fade away because the colour is a permeant part of your concrete floor. Stains also have UV stability and can be used on interior and exterior concrete. Choosing to stain your concrete floor is also a great way to be environmentally-friendly because you are not using a lot of resources to stain the concrete and you are not using resources to remove or install new or old flooring in order to remodel your concrete slab.

If you love the natural look of concrete, instead of opting for an opaque finish like an epoxy or polyaspartic coating, perhaps you should consider staining your concrete floor. Staining the concrete will leave a varied and transparent tonal finish. You’re able to choose from colours and patterns and even be able to achieve the look of textures like marble, wood or stone.

The two most common types of stains are acid-based stains and water-based acrylics. Both types of stains can be used on a concrete floor of any age. Acid-based stains have been around for the last 100 years and are trusted by many concrete contractors for performance and service. They are made up of metallic salts dissolved in a water and acid solution. They are able to penetrate deep into the concrete surface and form a permanent bond.  Water-based acrylics are a newer type of stain for concrete floors and they comply with the LEED building program. They are able to achieve the same appearance and finish as an acid-based stain while having a larger colour palette than the acid-based stains.

It is easy to maintain a stained concrete floor. To keep your stained flooring looking new, you should clean it periodically and even wet mop it with a neutral cleaner. If you have a very old and worn stained concrete floor, it might be time to have someone come in and seal your floor  😛 .

If you are interested in staining your concrete floor, or have questions about dyes, acrylics and other types of concrete floor coatings. Contact us today and we would love to help!