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Concrete Flooring Ideas for Residential and Commercial Spaces

There are many different things you can do with concrete flooring; the options are endless! If you have a commercial or residential area that already has a concrete floor and you’re looking for ways to spruce up your space then we can help you out.

Here are some concrete flooring ideas for your home, workshop or store that will be sure to catch your eye, be durable and long lasting.

Commercial Concrete Ideas

If you are looking for concrete in your commercial area then an epoxy coating or polyaspartic coating would be a great idea for your concrete floor. These coatings are durable, easy to maintain, long lasting and can be customized in many different ways. You can choose between different colours, patterns and even custom design elements like patterns, borders and logos.

If you are looking to bring out the colour of the existing concrete and have a more natural looking floor then polished concrete would be a great choice. Polished concrete can be seen in many street facing stores and commercial locations. These floors work well in high traffic areas and are easy to maintain. The natural grey look and aggregate will make your store look finished and trendy.

Residential Concrete Ideas

Polished concrete, epoxy coatings and polyaspartic coatings would also look great and be functional in your home. Other concrete flooring ideas for residential areas include a paint chip floor with epoxy coating, concrete overlays and patterns, or dyed concrete.

Paint chip or colour flake floors are also durable and can be made to have many different colour choices and even texture choices. They come in non-slip and scratch resistant options which would be perfect for your basement, garage or workshop space.

A concrete overlay can even be placed right over top of your existing floor and can have different patterns, colours or even be made to look like a tile floor. There is also the added benefit that a concrete overlay doesn’t contain grout lines even when finished with the tile look. Without grout, your floor will be a lot easier to maintain.

If you would like to learn more about residential and commercial concrete flooring ideas then contact one of our specialists today to talk about your flooring options.

Concrete Flooring Solutions for Your Space

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There are many different concrete flooring solutions to solve your flooring problems or DIY disasters. Perhaps you have just moved into a house and would like to refinish the basement concrete and turn it into a beautiful polished concrete floor or maybe have your condo updated with a sleek and smooth white epoxy finish. Whatever end result you desire, we can help you come up with the perfect concrete flooring solution for your space.

Proper Concrete Flooring Preparation

Are there cracks in your concrete? We can help with that too, if your concrete isn’t properly prepared, a coating solution could fail and if cracks are improperly filled during the preparation process, they could get worse and even lead to foundation issues or leaks. We are here to help you with the entire process from analyzing the slab, to preparation to the finishing details.Custom Concrete Floors Ottawa Custom Work

Commercial Space Concrete Solutions

Maybe you are looking for a concrete flooring solution for your commercial space. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to commercial concrete finishes. We can help you with a coating, colour flake finish, polish, grind and seal, waxing, self-leveling, stains, dyes, decorative options and much more.

Custom Work

We can also help you with any customized work that you may desire. Do you want a logo or picture in your floor or maybe a banner or different colors or shapes? We would love to help you achieve any desired look you want to achieve for your commercial and residential areas.

Endless Options

The options are endless. Check out our gallery and see what kind of concrete flooring solutions we can help you with. Contact one of our specialists for help or for any questions you may have.