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Should You Dye or Stain Your Concrete Floors?

When You’re Just ‘Dyeing’ to Dye Your Concretecustom concrete floors natural seal

In today’s day and age, concrete has developed a high level of verisimilitude, in terms of being able to make concrete look like other flooring, such as tile and others. Dyeing is a very popular concept with concrete, as the finished product can look extremely rustic and it would not look out-of-place in an older home (or a home modeled to be older-looking).

Through chemical staining methods, combined with concrete dyes, concrete can be made to take on a plethora of beautiful colors. The dark grey in concrete doesn’t blend completely with the color, so the dye allows for that dark grey to become a darker shade of the dye.

Another benefit is, with dyeing of concrete, you don’t usually want to put carpets and such over these beautiful floors, and to boot…concrete is not flammable, like other materials such as carpeting and hardwood.

Don’t Abstain From Staining Your Concrete

Dyes and stains both share a prime difference. With dyeing, you have a huge vibrancy of colors, but with stains, you have not only a level of permanency…but stains have far more to do with chemicals than dyes do. Dyes are more like paint, whereas they are more acrylic-based.

Staining concrete allows room for error, whereas dyeing is extremely fast to seep deep into the concrete and remain, which means that, if you make an error, this will be a problem.

However, staining allows for more rustic and ‘old’ colors.

In concrete, there is a compound called calcium hydroxide, and staining reacts to the calcium hydroxide in concrete to provide the finished result, which has a very classy look, and literally is ‘stained class’.

At the end of it all…

Whether you choose to dye or stain your concrete floors, you would be best off having an expert do this for you, and you have to be 100% certain about the color you have chosen…it will be quite difficult to try to backtrack on your decision once you’ve ‘set it in stone’.

Another thing to pay attention to when dyeing and staining is that you can put more than one color into the same floor, and not by necessarily blending colors…but you can have four colors meeting each other to give the floor a ‘mosaic’ feel. Never hesitate to experiment! Contact one of our flooring experts today!


Concrete Floors Are Not Boring!

Stepping it Up to Be More Eye-Appealing

Nowadays, there is not too much that cannot be done to change the entire look and finished product of concrete. There is an overwhelming colour pallet of colours that can be incorporated into the concrete to tint/shade it. You can even have the concrete textured into a desirable stamp design, patterns or overall texture.

You can even opt to have your concrete polished to give it a luxurious gleam (which resembles ceramic tiles) or work with existing cracks from an older floor to upgrade it to a more “antique-looking” and new floor.

Your Creativity is Your Only Limitationpolished concrete ottawa

If you are planning on pouring in a new concrete floor within the confines of your home, your only limitation is your creativity and choosing what the finished product should be. The concrete can now be mixed with a particular stain to colour it to suit your taste and poured with a variety of finishes.

The additional costs involved in beautifying your concrete floor is worth it, as the durability of concrete is unsurpassed in comparison to traditional types of floor coverings (which all have a much shorter life duration).

Strategizing and Formulating a Solid Long-Range Plan

Depending on where you are planning to pour your concrete floor, you may want to think about the future and if you will still be the homeowner down the road. Concrete is certainly making a comeback to modern decor because of its newfound versatility, but it is not for everyone.

Homeownership may change for you down the road, so it is important to ensure that the place in your home that you are pouring a concrete floor is going to add value (garage or basement). If you are replacing the floor in the garage or basement with new concrete, be sure that whatever issue that arose with your old floor has been fixed prior to pouring the new floor.

Check Out All of Your Options

When looking into your options as far as straying from the traditional concrete colour and texture, be sure to incorporate all expenses that you will incur before making your final decision (it is not like laying down wood or laminate flooring that can be easily removed).

Need any help deciding what to do about your flooring project? Contact a concrete flooring expert today!