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Concrete Resurfacing in Ottawa

Don’t tear it out! At least, not until you have your concrete slab evaluated by a professional concrete worker.There are so many times you’ll come across a concrete surface that looks like it’s reached its end of days. Keep in mind though, when it comes to concrete, there are many ways, other than complete replacement, to deal with eroding ocracked-concrete-custom concrete floorsr deteriorating concrete.

Resorting immediately to a tear out and replacements seems like the easiest way to go, but, you have to consider a few things first.

When that concrete slab is removed, there are environmental and economical expenses to deal with. Other questions to ask are, what are you going to find underneath the slab and what was the cause of the deterioration in the first place?

Once any underlying issues are dealt with, and their burdens bared, you now have to replace that slab which itself is a messy and expensive endeavour. You’re not done yet though. At least, not if you don’t want to end up in the same scenario again years down the road.

You see, the hidden benefit of resurfacing a concrete slab that’s in less than perfect shape, is you get the built in benefit of a new surface that not only makes your space usable again but should, in effect, last much longer than new concrete alone.

Simply replacing a concrete slabonly gets you back to a surface that will potentially go bad again in short order. Resurfacing, if done right, gives you a tougher and better-protected surface than concrete alone.

You can resurface concrete with a self-levelling concrete or epoxy or similar coating material.It’s a little known fact that epoxy bonds much better to existing concrete than concrete will. Epoxies have a smaller molecular structure than concrete. This means that when you surface a floor with epoxy it can sink in and lock into place. Self-levelling concrete relies on a primer to achieve bond rather than created a mechanical bond like epoxy does.

In layman’s terms. Epoxy resurfacing will yield the best result in terms of looks, resistance and strength. If you need help with resurfacing your concrete in the Ottawa area, contact a concrete professional today.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in the Ottawa Area

Industrial concrete floors are often overlooked as candidates for any type of special attention. Usually, concrete is perceived to be impervious to just about any kind of traffic or conditions. Here is some more information about industrial floor coatings in the Ottawa area.

The truth is, concrete is very porous and can become compromised by just about any external force. Water alone, over time, will damage concrete for example. In an industrial setting, concrete is relied upon more than in any other environment, yet concrete, generally, sees more abuse in this environment than in any other.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in the Ottawa AreaIndustrial concrete floor coatings play a huge role in the protection of not only the concrete itself, but in many cases the objects, workers, equipment and patrons of those areas.
Concrete dust from untreated industrial floors can wreak havoc on merchandise and equipment. Attempts to scrub and clean concrete floors often end only in more abrasion and therefore removal of concrete dust from the surface and contamination of the area. Concrete dust is incredibly abrasive to anything it touches and can pose a health hazard for humans as well as animals. It is corrosive and can damage skin and lungs.

Concrete floors in their natural state are also very susceptible to impact damage caused by daily activities that take place in an industrial environment. Industrial floor coatings are needed to provide a protected surface to increase the life of the slab itself. They also provide a wide array of safety features.

You can have impact resistant coatings that are comprised of flexible resins loaded up with aggregate. The impact resistant options can be either extremely smooth, as is the case with self-levelling epoxy or extremely rough for non-slip, like with aggregate broadcasted epoxy coatings. The degree and quantity of aggregate size and aggressiveness is adjustable to any level desired.

Other features which can be implemented in the above systems are: UV resistance, food inspection agency approved anti-microbial growth features and chemically stable top coats to prevent breakdown in the structure of the coating which could lead to delamination or dusting issues.

If you choose the right industrial coating, you will have a long-lasting and easy to clean surface for years to come. Not only does this make your space safer but it impresses a level of professionalism upon your employees and clients. If you have any questions about your industrial floor coating in the Ottawa region, contact a concrete professional today.