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How to Choose the Best Concrete Floor Finishing Contractors in Ottawa

Finishing a concrete floor can be an expensive job that needs to be done carefully. If it’s not handled well, the concrete floor will be damaged and you’ll have to pay for repairs. There are several techniques involved in finishing concrete floors. The amount of effort and time it takes depends largely on the kind of finish you want. However, if you want your floor finish to last, you need to find the right concrete floor finishing contractors. We at Custom Concrete Floors believe that the best floor finishing contractors have the following qualities.How to Choose the Best Concrete Floor Finishing Contractors in Ottawa

Familiarity with Modern Techniques

Technology and the techniques used in this work have evolved over time. The finishing process is much more refined today. You should choose a contractor that is familiar with different kinds of concrete finishes. After all, the concrete floor allows you considerable flexibility. You can coat, stain and polish it to matt or high gloss finishes, etc. You can also get your concrete floor etched or stamped. As you can see, you have many options. Why limit your choice by hiring a contractor that doesn’t offer all of these services?


Finishing concrete flooring requires a skilled hand, a set of keen eyes, and a wealth of experience. Concrete flooring contractors in Ottawa know that if the concrete isn’t finished properly, it might become damaged. Experienced contractors will know how to avoid extensive damage by keeping an eye on the finishing process. They’ll make sure that all the steps are followed well and every care if taken to preserve the integrity of the concrete floor.


Communication is absolutely vital. Concrete floors will be a major design aspect of your property. You would want it to be to your liking. As the contractor is responsible for the design and finishing, you need to be sure that they understand your requirements and your vision. You need to choose a professional that will respond well to you and will communicate with you throughout the project. That would ensure that the end result is according to your satisfaction.

For more information on concrete finishing services or to get an estimate, you can contact a professional concrete contractor at Custom Concrete Floors.

3 Indoor Concrete Flooring Benefits

There are many indoor concrete flooring ideas out there, but have you actually took the time to see what indoor concrete flooring actually is? Concrete floors are very durable and extremely resilient. As a matter of fact, they are so tough they can withstand pressure from any type of heavy equipment that may be placed on them.

3 Indoor Concrete Flooring Benefits

1)Limitless Places and Spaces

Concrete floors are so durable they are often used in commercial places such as warehouses and company garages. As opposed to other types of flooring, concrete flooring can’t be easily damaged. Things like pet claws, high heels, furniture legs and even broken glass will not be able to even scratch the surface of concrete flooring. It would be hard work to manage to damage the surface of concrete.

2) Easy to Maintain

Besides all the earlier presented advantages, concrete flooring is also very easy to maintain. Making sure your flooring looks at its best will only require a very small amount of maintenance on your part. Depending on the level of traffic, the concrete floors will need to be waxed or sealed every 3 to 9 months. This should be accomplished in order to maintain a protective layer on the surface.

3) A Designers Dream

Many companies come with many indoor concrete flooring ideas in terms of design. There are many designs and colours for you to choose from. For example, there are colours like chocolate brown with black insertions and colours like green and beige. Another idea would be to combine the colours into patterns and commercial company logos.  

You can also maintain the simplicity and beauty of the natural concrete and opt for polished concrete. The options are limitless. Contact a concrete contractor today to discuss the many different options available to you today.