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Decorative Ways to Finish a New Concrete Slab

Decorative Ways to Finish a New Concrete Slab ottawa

Concrete is very versatile and can be customized in many different ways to achieve the right finish. If you’ve just installed a new concrete slab, the world is your oyster because the surface is perfect and won’t require any additional preparation to get the result you want. At Custom Concrete Floors, we’ve applied a number of decorative finishes on new concrete slabs including:


This is the most common decorative finish for concrete floors and when utilized correctly, it can look stunning. We apply acid-based chemical stains on the surface and this provides a rich, luxurious colour that can’t be replicated by other coatings and dyes. The stain isn’t just a topical treatment; it sinks into the concrete and reacts chemically with it. Once the stain has sunk in, it won’t budge and will last for many years to come.

Dyes and Colors

You can paint the concrete surface with any colour you want and get a vivid and bright floor. Dyes contain smaller particles that can penetrate the porous surface and give a solid wash of colour. Unlike stains, the finish isn’t watercolour-like, so it’s great for floors that require bright colours like sports courts or residential floors with decorative patterns.

Polishing Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete looks stunning, especially if the surface is buffed to a glossy, almost mirror-like finish. This is a low-maintenance, no-wax floor that will enhance the overall beauty of your property. There are many different levels of polish so you can choose anything from flat matte to high-gloss finish based on your needs. If you add glass or stone aggregates to the floor, polishing will expose them and that can give you a unique, stand-out pattern that can’t be replicated by any other flooring material.


Stenciling is a great way to add character to your floor because you can create any pattern or design. It looks grand and luxurious but only a skilled professional will be able to create this. The stenciled design needs to be precise and carefully planned, otherwise it may look a little busy. We have several years of experience in this field and will make sure your stenciled floors look great.

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Carpet Glue Removal Services in Ottawa

carpet glue removal services ottawa

Up until a few years ago, carpeting was one of the most popular flooring materials. It’s affordable, offers good insulation, and is comfortable under your feet. What most people don’t realize is that they can be a nightmare to remove. When you carpet is old and worn down, you need to replace it because you can only get it professionally cleaned so many times.

Unfortunately, once you remove a carpet, your job isn’t done because the subfloor will be covered with carpet glue that needs to be removed. We at Custom Concrete Floors can help you deal with this problem and offer carpet glue removal services in Ottawa.

Why Should You Remove Carpet Glue? 

No matter what kind of flooring you wish to install, you need to make sure the flooring surface is properly prepared for it. The subfloor must be completely clean, free of unevenness or debris. Carpet glue will make it difficult for any floor treatment to adhere properly to the surface.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional

Removing carpet glue from the surface isn’t easy, especially if it has settled into the concrete & completely adhered to it. It’s a difficult and time-consuming task that’s best left to a professional. An experienced contractor will know how to remove the glue without causing any damage to the subfloor. This is especially important if you want concrete floors for your property. This process requires skill, experience, and the right equipment because it’s not easy to remove glue.

How Do We Remove Glue? 

The process is simple to understand and is done over a few days. We use heavy grinders with plates of different grit levels to remove all the glue from the surface. The diamond abrasive grinders slowly remove the layer of glue and make the floor even. Usually a few rounds of the grinder is enough to remove the glue unless it has truly sunken into the concrete.

A professional concrete floor contractor will always double-check to see whether all of the glue is removed before they consider their job done. The subfloor won’t take stains or coatings easily if there are still patches of carpet glue left behind on the surface. It’s important to remove all traces of glue to ensure the best finish.

If you have any questions about carpet glue removal services or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.

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