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The Best Parking Garage Coatings

Heavy vehicular traffic can cause considerable amount of wear and tear  garage floors because cars tend to place a lot of pressure on the surface and strip away the coating over time. If you want your floor to last for a long time and retain its looks, you need to apply the right coating. At Custom Concrete Floors, we understand parking garage coatings and can recommend the best ones for your surface. There are some products that we trust and have seen perform well in a variety of condition, such as:

polyaspartic garage floor coatings 1Sika MT Primer 

This is a good primer for dry as well as damp surfaces and will prepare the floor for other finishing products. It’s high in solids, promotes adhesion, and is moisture tolerant, which makes it easy to use in different conditions. Your garage floor will have a good base for a variety of treatments and finishes.

Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System

If you want added moisture and wear resistance, you can choose this single component water-proofing system that would fill small cracks and is quite elastic. This system gives the garage floor surface some flexibility and helps it withstand both pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Sikalastic 735 AL, 736 AL Lo-VOC, 748 PA Aliphatic Top Coats

This is a high performance topcoat specifically designed for the Sikalastic 710 or 715 and 720 or 745 AL Traffic Systems. If you’ve installed those systems in your garage floor, you need to purchase this topcoat to enhance the performance and durability of the parking garage coatings. 

Sikalastic Duochem

The Duochem line contains a wide range of product including Duochem 387, 389, 390 Membrane, 391/391 SA, 394/394SA, 8200. The range consists of primers, waterproofing membranes, topcoats, binders, patching mortars, and wear courses. 

Sikalastic Duodeck Traffic System

This is a unique and highly effective waterproofing and protection system for all kinds of concrete surfaces and decks. It’s 100% solids and should be applied in multiple coats.

Sikalastic Recoat Primer

This is a two-component primer that’s applied in liquid form and still has high content of solids. It’s used for partially completed or completed urethane coating systems.

If you have any questions about the best parking garage coatings or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.


How to Maintain Concrete Flooring

One of the first things clients ask us after we install new concrete flooring is how to maintain it. Concrete is a very low maintenance flooring choice, but it does require come care and attention, especially if you’ve applied coatings to the surface. At Custom Concrete Floors, our experts always make it a point to explain the maintenance requirements of all kinds of concrete floors in Ottawa. If you follow the steps listed below, you’ll be able to maintain the looks and condition of your floor for many years to come.polished concrete floors ottawa

General Maintenance Guidelines 

The amount of traffic your floor endures decides how much maintenance it will require. Residential floors generally require less maintenance because they don’t endure much wear and tear. Conversely, commercial floors require regular attention because of high traffic and general carelessness of visitors. Here are some tips that are applicable to all kinds of concrete surfaces.

-Floor sealer is absolutely essential for all concrete floors aside from those that are polished. The polishing process hardens the surface and makes it relatively impregnable.

-Use floor carpets or protective coverings in areas of high traffic to protect the floor from dents, marks, and scratches. It’s a good idea to place them by the entryways and foyers.

-Some of the floor cleaners available in the market are very abrasive and can damage even the most resilient of floors. We usually recommend a list of cleaners after the installation project is complete. They won’t damage the concrete or cause any sort of stains.

-We also recommend a maintenance schedule that’s specifically designed to keep concrete floors in good condition. If you follow this schedule, you will be able to keep your concrete floor looking as good as new for a long time.

-A good commercial-grade floor wax can add another level of protection to your floor and protect it from scratches, stains, and discolourations. This wax will also protect the sealer underneath and it’s easy to reapply when it wears off.

These small steps will ensure your concrete floor stays in a good condition for several years to come. If you have any questions about concrete floors in Ottawa or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.

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