3 Common Questions about Concrete Flooring Answered

concrete floors ottawa polished concreteFor decades, concrete floors were tagged as ‘boring’ and ‘industrial’; however, that is no longer the case. Today, concrete has broken through those shackles and has evolved and emerged into a trendy flooring material that is used in a range of settings. It can be stained in any colour, embedded with glass, stone etc and polished to a sheen and can give any high-end natural stone flooring, a run for its money.

Despite this, many people have a number of questions about concrete flooring. Here are three common ones answered:

1) Do Concrete Floors Crack Easily?

It’s a fact that some concrete floors will develop cracks over time; but in most instances, this is because the material isn’t of a good grade, the floor hasn’t been installed correctly, or it hasn’t been sealed and polished well. While some people find the minute cracks to have a very rustic appeal, others prefer the flooring to be seamless. If you fall in the latter category, the one way to ensure that your concrete floor stays crack-free is to treat it with decorative overlays or treatments such as stencilling, opaque epoxies or staining.

2) Are Concrete Floors too Cold?

Concrete is a cold material, but that’s how natural stone or ceramic tile flooring is too. The distinct advantage of getting concrete floors installed on your property is that they have an inherent capacity to store & radiate heat. Installing heating cables within concrete floors can help keep them warm in the colder months. It’s also a good idea to design windows in such a way that they let in more sunlight and allow your concrete flooring to hold and radiate the heat.

3) Are Decorative Concrete Floors Heavy on the Pocket?

In comparison to materials such as marble, slate and tile, concrete flooring is actually a far more economical alternative. Skilled floor installation personnel can replicate the look of these expensive and exclusive materials, in decorative concrete installations. Concrete also lasts much longer than floor coverings such as vinyl, carpeting and wood laminates; this provides you high value in the long-term.

The Low-Maintenance Flooring Option

Decorative concrete flooring is low-maintenance, and all it needs is a simple vacuuming/sweeping and an occasional damp mopping. As long as the floor has been sealed well and has been coated with wax or a good quality floor finish, it resists stains, abrasion and chemicals. What more could one ask for?

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