Are Concrete Floors Slippery?

Concrete floors are usually very smooth and very much unblemished, and any surface like that can become quite slippery when they are wet.

This is one of the reason why most industrial locations that use concrete flooring insist upon the floors remaining as dry as possible, because even with a non-slip additive to prevent slipperiness, wet concrete floors can still be a hazard to anyone who is not paying attention.

If you have concrete floors in your home, and the floor is in an area where the floor is prone to getting wet, you need to make perfectly sure that the floor remains dry, as you could slip easily on these floors.concrete floors ottawa maintenance cleaning

Special high-gloss sealants can be used to make the floors more slippery, and they also protect from water damage, so how can you remedy this?

You may come across a special non-slip additive, which is specifically designed to prevent people from having accidents on wet concrete. Putting this additive into your floors will make it so that, if a bit of water gets on the floor and the floor is still wet after being mopped up, the floor won’t be as slippery.

Now, because there is polished and unpolished concrete, you may wonder if polished is slipperier than unpolished concrete? Well, truth be told, they are about the same, although polished concrete actually tends to have more traction than polished marble or waxed linoleum, so that can really help in choosing your flooring of choice (in the consideration of surfaces that are as non-slippery as possible).

One major consideration about slippery concrete floors you should make is whether or not there will be children running on and around this floor. If there will be children, then your best bet is to go to every length to ensure water and other liquids do not get on this surface and make it slippery, as children often fall just as hard as adults, if not more so, due to them often running around without consideration for the texture and surface of concrete.

So, in closing, make sure you make safety your priority when you are dealing with slippery concrete and ask one of our concrete professionals about our slip proof concrete solutions. 


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