Get Creative with Your Concrete Flooring

If you have been researching decorative concrete floors you have no doubt come across many different features and benefits. The list goes on and on with benefits like: non slip, easy clean, grout-less, seamless, waterproof, impact resistant etc..

Now that you know concrete is definitely the floor you want in your home or business it’s time get creative with the options that you’re choosing from

If the concrete floor professional that you hire doesn’t offer a specific look that you were going for don’t be afraid to ask him or her to try something new.

You can actually do just about anything with concrete overlays and coatings because of how versatile they are. You don’t have to be repetitive on your floor with the finish, color, pattern and texture that you choose. Feel free to co-mingle different styles and even different flooring systems to create one unique looking floor.

Check out our gallery and see some of the creative floors we’ve finished!

You can have a portion of your floor that looks like regular concrete with sections and patterns going throughout with other textures like wood or natural stone.

Why not throw a high definition picture into the mix and really have something unique?

If you are looking for something modern with a more classic or rustic decorative twist, why not choose polished concrete with a slight stain and then a contrasting border with a different decorative finish such as epoxy or a concrete overlay?

In some cases, you may have some areas of your floor that are damaged but overall the concrete is beautiful, you can always go crazy with the different textures and styles available and use them to mask problem areas in concrete that can’t be recovered visually.

Take the opportunity that decorative concrete offers you to be creative and do something that will stand out against all of the usual floor options we are all so used to seeing. Contact us today!

Rejuvenating Decorative Concrete Floors with Wax

Old concrete floors are often looked at as an eyesore that would be too expensive to cover up or rip out and replace. In some cases this may be true but it’s not always necessary to cover up or replace a concrete floor, especially one that has been finished decoratively.

Certain decorative finishes require extra attention when providing a re-coat or reseal. Examples of this are stamped or troweled floors that were finished with texture and coated with an acrylic or polyurethane. These types of floors will require extensive cleaning via acid etching or aggressive sanding prior to re-coating.

Smooth floors like epoxy coatings, polyaspartic coatings and polish concrete can be renewed more easily. The beauty of a smooth decorative finished concrete floor is that is much easier to abrade the surface lightly prior to providing additional coatings or servicing the floor with a proprietary cleaning and resurfacing system

More often than not,  the problem with a decorative concrete floor that the owner may be looking to recover, is simply years of traffic and insufficient cleaning or buildup of cleaning materials leading to a dull looking floor or perhaps one with many scratches.

While floors that have deep scratches or gouges as well as staining or chips and cracks require extensive repair and sometimes added sealer coats, floors that are in decent shape and do not require repair can often just be glossed up.

Aside from adding more coating or sealer to the floor, waxes or lithium based treatments can be added to the floor and then burnished in or machined in order to harden and adhere to the existing surface

Waxes are an easy way to go, however they do require special cleaning and maintenance as well as re-application from time to time dependent upon the service area and the type and frequency of traffic. They are inexpensive and rather simple to apply.

A longer-lasting more technical-to-apply but lower maintenance requirement solution is a concrete enhancer. Concrete enhancers like Bellatrix from WR meadows are often used on top of polished concrete systems or hardened concrete floors. While originally designed for this purpose the industry has begun to use these products as enriching agents on top of previously sealed floors including acid stained floors and hardened slabs that have not been polished.

The decision between wax or a concrete enhancer should really come down to a few factors. For those doing a do-it-yourself rejuvenation, wax is probably the best way to go especially a residential or low traffic commercial setting, however for high traffic areas where down-time is costly, the best way to go is to have a professional concrete polisher or decorative concrete installer apply concrete enhancing agent like Bellatrix from WR meadows and then burnish your floor.

You will be surprised just how great a rejuvenated old beat up decorative concrete floor can look with the proper steps taken.

Concrete Flooring Ideas for Residential and Commercial Spaces

There are many different things you can do with concrete flooring; the options are endless! If you have a commercial or residential area that already has a concrete floor and you’re looking for ways to spruce up your space then we can help you out.

Here are some concrete flooring ideas for your home, workshop or store that will be sure to catch your eye, be durable and long lasting.

Commercial Concrete Ideas

If you are looking for concrete in your commercial area then an epoxy coating or polyaspartic coating would be a great idea for your concrete floor. These coatings are durable, easy to maintain, long lasting and can be customized in many different ways. You can choose between different colours, patterns and even custom design elements like patterns, borders and logos.

If you are looking to bring out the colour of the existing concrete and have a more natural looking floor then polished concrete would be a great choice. Polished concrete can be seen in many street facing stores and commercial locations. These floors work well in high traffic areas and are easy to maintain. The natural grey look and aggregate will make your store look finished and trendy.

Residential Concrete Ideas

Polished concrete, epoxy coatings and polyaspartic coatings would also look great and be functional in your home. Other concrete flooring ideas for residential areas include a paint chip floor with epoxy coating, concrete overlays and patterns, or dyed concrete.

Paint chip or colour flake floors are also durable and can be made to have many different colour choices and even texture choices. They come in non-slip and scratch resistant options which would be perfect for your basement, garage or workshop space.

A concrete overlay can even be placed right over top of your existing floor and can have different patterns, colours or even be made to look like a tile floor. There is also the added benefit that a concrete overlay doesn’t contain grout lines even when finished with the tile look. Without grout, your floor will be a lot easier to maintain.

If you would like to learn more about residential and commercial concrete flooring ideas then contact one of our specialists today to talk about your flooring options.

Concrete Flooring Solutions for Your Space

epoxy flooring ottawa

There are many different concrete flooring solutions to solve your flooring problems or DIY disasters. Perhaps you have just moved into a house and would like to refinish the basement concrete and turn it into a beautiful polished concrete floor or maybe have your condo updated with a sleek and smooth white epoxy finish. Whatever end result you desire, we can help you come up with the perfect concrete flooring solution for your space.

Proper Concrete Flooring Preparation

Are there cracks in your concrete? We can help with that too, if your concrete isn’t properly prepared, a coating solution could fail and if cracks are improperly filled during the preparation process, they could get worse and even lead to foundation issues or leaks. We are here to help you with the entire process from analyzing the slab, to preparation to the finishing details.

Commercial Space Concrete Solutions

Maybe you are looking for a concrete flooring solution for your commercial space. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to commercial concrete finishes. We can help you with a coating, colour flake finish, polish, grind and seal, waxing, self-leveling, stains, dyes, decorative options and much more.

Custom Work

We can also help you with any customized work that you may desire. Do you want a logo or picture in your floor or maybe a banner or different colors or shapes? We would love to help you achieve any desired look you want to achieve for your commercial and residential areas.

Endless Options

The options are endless. Check out our gallery and see what kind of concrete flooring solutions we can help you with. Contact one of our specialists for help or for any questions you may have.

Surprising Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is appearing everywhere from homes, condos, restaurants to luxurious hotels and resorts. If you are wondering why concrete flooring is becoming even more popular we are here to help you answer that question. There are many reasons why owning a concrete floor is beneficial including; they are eco-friendly, durable and economical.

Concrete floors will last a lifetime and some will even look better over time. Concrete is here to stay, which makes it eco-friendly. You will not need to replace your floor; you can just have it refinished instead. You are also not wasting any materials during the install process as you are simply improving upon the materials that already exists. This is one of the many reasons why concrete flooring is so concrete eco-friendly.

Concrete floors are long lasting, sustainable and durable. You will not need to worry about damaging your floors or costly repairs. Your concrete floor will last you forever.

Concrete flooring is a great way to save money in the long run when it comes to re-doing your flooring. Our team will come in and use the existing slab and turn it into something beautiful. Whether it gets coated with an epoxy, polyaspartic, paint chips, or gets polished with a beautiful sheen finish, all of these options will look great and will be beneficial for your budget because you will not need to pay to have your entire floor surface removed and then buy new materials and have them installed.

As you can see, concrete flooring is here to stay, it’s friendly for the environment and it’s a great way to stay on budget during the renovation process. There are many different ways to finish a concrete floor, check out our finish and coating options here.

If you are interested in learning more about concrete flooring. Contact us today!

Facts About Staining Concrete Floors

You may have come across a stained concrete floor without even knowing that the floor was concrete in the first place. There are many different appearances that concrete can take on and there are also many different varieties of stains and techniques used to make a concrete floor look beautiful, custom and unique. Let’s talk about the process and results of staining concrete floors.staining concrete flooring ottawa floors

The best benefits of staining your concrete floor are that; the stain will not peel off, chip or fade away because the colour is a permeant part of your concrete floor. Stains also have UV stability and can be used on interior and exterior concrete. Choosing to stain your concrete floor is also a great way to be environmentally-friendly because you are not using a lot of resources to stain the concrete and you are not using resources to remove or install new or old flooring in order to remodel your concrete slab.

If you love the natural look of concrete, instead of opting for an opaque finish like an epoxy or polyaspartic coating, perhaps you should consider staining your concrete floor. Staining the concrete will leave a varied and transparent tonal finish. You’re able to choose from colours and patterns and even be able to achieve the look of textures like marble, wood or stone.

The two most common types of stains are acid-based stains and water-based acrylics. Both types of stains can be used on a concrete floor of any age. Acid-based stains have been around for the last 100 years and are trusted by many concrete contractors for performance and service. They are made up of metallic salts dissolved in a water and acid solution. They are able to penetrate deep into the concrete surface and form a permanent bond.  Water-based acrylics are a newer type of stain for concrete floors and they comply with the LEED building program. They are able to achieve the same appearance and finish as an acid-based stain while having a larger colour palette than the acid-based stains.

It is easy to maintain a stained concrete floor. To keep your stained flooring looking new, you should clean it periodically and even wet mop it with a neutral cleaner. If you have a very old and worn stained concrete floor, it might be time to have someone come in and seal your floor  😛 .

If you are interested in staining your concrete floor, or have questions about dyes, acrylics and other types of concrete floor coatings. Contact us today and we would love to help!


Concrete Resurfacing in Ottawa 

Consider this before replacing an old concrete slab.  Concrete floors are generally 4 inches thick or more.  With the majority of surface issues, aside from cracks, being less than one quarter of an inch in depth, concrete resurfacing is a definite option.

custom concrete flooring ottawa background webConcrete resurfacing can bring to mind many different processes and materials.

Polyaspartic or Epoxy coatings – If a slab is badly pitted and a smooth or traction providing surface is needed; a coating is often a better choice than another layer of concrete. Coatings or resinous flooring create a much better bond than polymer modified concrete alone. They are also able to be installed with sand aggregate and have great self levelling properties.

Shot Blasting or Grinding – When a new concrete slab is installed there are many variables that can affect the outcome. Whether, bad workmanship, incorrect use of water and more, can leave an unsuitable or undesirable surface texture. Shot blasting or grinding will smooth the surface and create a continuous and even profile to the specification of the end user. Whether smooth or coarse, these processes offer many levels of finish.

Self Levelling Concrete – If an environment exists where self levelling concrete must be used to meet code or engineering specifications, there are many options available here as well. Self levelling concretes and Gypcrete products vary in single application thickness from feather edge all the way to 4 inches thick.

Decorative Concrete – Concrete resurfacing is not just for problem slabs or commercial finishes and underlayments. Concrete can be applied by a trained artisan to mimic the texture, pattern and colour of natural stone. Not only do troweled decorative overlays look great but they inherently have a wonderful non-slip texture to them.

The most important factor to remember when choosing a concrete resurfacing system is proper preparation. The vast majority of floor resurfacing failures can be traced back to insufficient or improper surface preparation.

Do it yourself processes such as cleaning with degreasers or pressure washing can work, however are prone to failure as these methods only address the surface. For good longevity of a concrete resurfacing product, it is always recommended to have the floor mechanically abraded via grinding or shot blasting.

Speak with a qualified concrete floor restoration and resurfacing contractor today.


Decorative Concrete Floors

custom concrete flooring ottawa random top overlay patternDecorative concrete flooring is becoming more popular amongst homeowners and commercial locations. Decorative concrete flooring is great for those who want a flooring system that can be customized to any taste or an interior design motif. They can be sleek, smooth, high gloss, muted grey and modern or they can be a rustic country stamped overlay or troweled floor. Decorative concrete flooring can take on a life of its own anywhere in your home or commercial location whether on an existing concrete floor or on a wood sub floor.

One of the major advantages to decorative concrete flooring is not only its economical price, but the fact that it is seamless has made it very popular in areas that need easy clean solutions. Because it is seamless, this also lends well to interior design that requires the feeling of openness and the appearance of large expansive spaces.

Check out our Gallery Here for More Options

Whether you are working with the existing concrete surface or installing a concrete floor over a wood subfloor, your options for the end aesthetic of the surface vary only slightly. With a wood sub floor as a starting point, the overall cost of starting and finishing floor will be higher than if you were to install the floor directly onto a concrete slab. This is because of the material and labour involved in creating an artificial concrete base as a starting point to your decorative finish.

A decorative concrete floor on a wood sub floor falls in the price range of a medium to high quality tile floor. When finishing existing concrete, prices almost always fall under that of traditional flooring, this is because rather than purchasing a floor and installing it along with new materials, the floor is simply being modified to show off its natural inherent beauty.

If the floor is too damaged or worn to display its character, opaque options are available, such as troweled overlays, coatings of epoxy, polyaspartic polyurea or colour flakes.

If you are thinking about installing a decorative concrete floor in your home or commercial location, sufficient understanding of the process is extremely important. unlike traditional flooring, you are not just purchasing a pre-manufactured project but rather hiring someone to create a customized floor for you on site. While the challenges this presents are not unsurmountable, planning for a decorative floor still does take some time and involves skills trades people to produce the outcome you desire.

Contact our team today and let us help you design your decorative concrete floor. 

Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

Keeping your concrete floor clean and shiny doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. In order to maintain your concrete floor and extend its life, here are some of the top maintenance tips.maintenance tips concrete floor

1) Know Your Finish: A Polished concrete floor will require a different cleaning method than an epoxy finish or a colour flake finish. Use the proper cleaning methods that match the finish of your floor.

2) Avoid Surface Scratches: To keep your floor scratch free, use a soft mop for your interior concrete floors. You will want to make sure that you use a dry mop first to clean the floor from dust and debris. Vacuuming can also cause damage from locking wheels or small stones getting dragged around.

3) Avoid Moisture: When you have dry mopped the floor and the debris is gone, it’s time to use a mild detergent or natural cleanser. Make sure you clean the floor in sections. When one of the sections is cleaned, you must dry it immediately with a soft towel. If the floor stays wet for an extended period of time, there might be issues with discolouring if the moisture is not completely removed.

When in doubt, call our team and we can help you come up with a maintenance plan for your floor. If you need a complete floor rejuvenation or perhaps another wax coat then give us a call and we can make your floor look new again. 



Types of Garage Floor Coatings

If you feel like your garage is getting a little out of style, worn down or just simply unattractive, then one of the top priorities for you to change or update would be the floor. Garage concrete floors need to be functional, comfortable and easy to maintain. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a garage floor coating. Decide whether or not you want to finish your garage floor with a short term or long term solution. A coat of paint might look nice for the first month but it is not durable, will stain and will require constant maintenance.  Choosing a garage floor coating would be a better and longer lasting solution.

Custom Concrete Floors Ottawa SolidColour Coatings adhere directly to the floor. Epoxy coatings for garages are the most common type of finish for garage floors. Epoxies are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. They are also resistant to stains from chemicals like oils, and damaging winter salt.

Polyaspartics can also be used to cover your garage floor. Polyaspartics are not a replacement to epoxy but in some cases are a better choice especially in a garage because polyaspartics are UV resistant and water clear and stand up to abrasions from salt and stones better than epoxies do.

When it comes to using an epoxy  or polyapsartic to coat your garage floor, you will need to make sure your concrete is prepared properly before the coating process begins. If your floor is not prepared properly then you might have issues with flaking, chipping or bubbling. Hiring a professional to come in and do a floor analysis is the best way to get the job completed the right way, the first time.

Another common type of garage floor coating is colour flakes. Colour flake flooring (or otherwise known as paint chip flooring) is another way to re-create your garage floor into something unique, durable and easy to maintain. If your floor has cracks, rough stains, holes etc, then covering it up with a thick flake floor is an easy solution. This system is not recommended as a DIY option because if not properly installed, many issues could arise. Hiring a professional team to do the proper preparation, sealing, vacuuming and finishing work is highly recommended.

Do you have any questions about types of garage floor coatings? Contact us today!