Can All Concrete Floors be Polished?

Polishing concrete floors can increase their life and aesthetic appeal. If you have an old concrete floor, you might want to use modern developments to make it more attractive and enhance the look of your property. However, most people wonder if all concrete floors can be polished. The prevalent concern is that polishing might damage old floors. That’s simply not true.

Polishing Old SurfacesPolished concrete ottawa crack repair

It’s always a good idea to consult a contractor before planning anything. While most sound concrete surfaces can be polished, you might need to prepare the surface before moving ahead.

  • We will remove all the dust and debris from the surface to prepare it for polishing.
  • If the floor is wavy or uneven, we need to fill the depressions and level the floor before polishing it. Your old floor might need excessive patching to be suitable.
  • If the floor is stained, we would need to remove that staining completely, which can be a long process.
  • Some concrete floors are simply too porous to be polished. If the floors can’t be hardened with a hardener, polishing it might be impossible.

In most cases, polishing older concrete floors is actually possible, even if it might require effort and expense. In others, the surface is perfectly suitable for a great glossy finish and needs only a little preparation. You need to consult your contractor to get accurate information about your floor.

Polishing New Surfaces

If you intend to polish your floors, it’s best to let your contractor know even before the concrete is laid on the ground. That way, the contractors would make sure that the surface of the concrete is as smooth as possible. This reduces the initial preparation time and saves effort and money.

Newly laid concrete floors need a minimum of 28 days to cure before they can be polished. Attempting to do so before the surface is ready might damage it and lead to further expense.

A good polishing contractor will always study the floor keenly before attempting to polish it, whether it is old or new. We at Custom Concrete Floors have the experience and the knowledge needed to make sure that your floor can be polished without causing any damage.

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