Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

Keeping your concrete floor clean and shiny doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. In order to maintain your concrete floor and extend its life, here are some of the top maintenance tips.maintenance tips concrete floor

1) Know Your Finish: A Polished concrete floor will require a different cleaning method than an epoxy finish or a colour flake finish. Use the proper cleaning methods that match the finish of your floor.

2) Avoid Surface Scratches: To keep your floor scratch free, use a soft mop for your interior concrete floors. You will want to make sure that you use a dry mop first to clean the floor from dust and debris. Vacuuming can also cause damage from locking wheels or small stones getting dragged around.

3) Avoid Moisture: When you have dry mopped the floor and the debris is gone, it’s time to use a mild detergent or natural cleanser. Make sure you clean the floor in sections. When one of the sections is cleaned, you must dry it immediately with a soft towel. If the floor stays wet for an extended period of time, there might be issues with discolouring if the moisture is not completely removed.

When in doubt, call our team and we can help you come up with a maintenance plan for your floor. If you need a complete floor rejuvenation or perhaps another wax coat then give us a call and we can make your floor look new again. 



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