Concrete Floors in Ottawa

There are many beautiful concrete floors all over Ottawa, you just need to have a look at what you’re walking on in order to determine what type of floor it actually is. There are many different styles of concrete flooring in Ottawa, sometimes you might not even know that you’re walking on concrete. Concrete overlays, epoxy floors, polished concrete and floors that have been stained or dyed can all look very different when it comes to the world of concrete flooring. Check out our gallery to see what we mean.

Custom Concrete Floors Ottawa SolidColour

There are many great concrete flooring contractors in Ottawa who can fix up your existing concrete, update it entirely, or customize the look of your floor to make it customized to what you’re looking for.

Most Popular Concrete Floors in Ottawa

Some of the most popular types of concrete floors that can be seen by the public are visible in popular stores like Walmart, Ikea and Home Depot. These types of concrete floors are polished concrete floors. Some of them will have a different type of finish whether it be satin or sheen. Polished concrete floors are great for these types of commercial locations as they are long lasting and durable. Next time you walk into one of these stores, check out the natural beauty and variation that polished concrete flooring has.

Retail Location Concrete FloorsTopLine Polish custom concrete floors in ottawa

For retail locations, options like solid coloured epoxy coatings, almost granite, and concrete stains have been used to add a little life and colour into may retail stores located in Ottawa. All of these options are also long lasting and durable as well as easy to maintain and clean.

Custom Concrete Floors in Ottawa has made their mark on hundreds of floors in the Ottawa region from condos, homes, basements, retail locations, garages and some large commercial properties. If you are interested in having a concrete floor for your residential or commercial location, contact one of our experts today. We can even take you on site and walk you through some of our completed projects so you can see how a finished concrete floor can look in a residential or commercial space.


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