DIY Polished Concrete Floors: Should You Polish Your Own Concrete Floor?

Decisions decisions, If you want an awesome polished concrete floor that you’ve saved an image of on Pinterest, then you may be struggling with the following question; should I do this floor myself or hire a team of concrete professionals to do it for me?DIY Polished Concrete Floors: Should You Polish Your Own Concrete Floor?

If you decide to do it all yourself, where do you get started? What do you do once you’re ready? Well, first things first, what do you actually need to polish a concrete floor? It is heavily advised that you have the following: (regarding the polishing disks and machine, it would be wise to purchase them outright instead of renting them)


  • Clean water
  • A broom
  • Polishing machine (a floor grinder)
  • Special concrete polish
  • An industrial  vacuum cleaner
  • A mild detergent
  • A dustpan
  • A bucket and a mop
  • Special polishing disks (they must have 250 grit or more than that)


Once you have these materials, you’ll be able to start the polish of your concrete floor.

Your Effort V.S the Professionals

Hiring a Contractor

There are positives and negatives to both polishing a concrete floor yourself, as well as bringing in a contractor to do so. Bringing in a contractor can cause you to rack up a much larger bill than you would if you attempted to do the work yourself because of labour costs.

However, the major plus to hiring a professional concrete contractor is that if you hire a good contractor, you will get the professional result of your concrete floor looking beautifully polished, and properly completed.


Deciding to go ahead and do it all by yourself after all has its pluses, but it also has a huge negative. The pluses are that you will gain personal experience, and you’ll be able to manage the upkeep on your floor without having to hire a contractor.

Another plus is that you will be able to design your floor how you want it, without having to verbally demand to a contractor what should and shouldn’t be done.

In closing, however…there is a BIG negative. There’s a huge chance that if you are indeed a first-timer at this, you could muck up your floor and be left with a huge mess…you’ll end up having to call in the contractor anyways and pay even more to have them fix your mistake.

Weigh your decisions out carefully! Also take note that there are multiple speeds on the grinding machines…if you are unaware of what you are doing and you go at odd speeds, you will have an extremely uneven surface, thereby making another negative.

If you’re still stuck on the decision, contact us for help!

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