Do Concrete Floors Have to Be Grey?

toplinepolish blog concrete floor ottawaIt may appear that everywhere you see a concrete floor, it’s grey but the short answer is no, not all concrete floors have to be grey. Most of our clients are looking for earth tones when choosing a colour for their floors. We always recommend that you grind your concrete prior to sealing it. This way, we will be able to see the full potential of colour options your floor has to offer. Once a floor has been grinded, you are able to see the sandy colour of the slab and when it gets sealed, it ends up a medium to dark wet sand colour. This is great for most of our residential and commercial clients.

For those looking for more vibrant or corporate colours for commercial locations, we can accommodate with both stains and solid colours from a paint chart of your choice. We also have options for more decorative looks and even simple opaque systems that will cover the concrete completely.

The most common type of concrete floor is a polished concrete floor. Yes, this type of floor is grey but it is definitely not dull or boring. A polished concrete floor can look sleek, finished, natural and beautiful. Do Concrete Floors Have to Be Grey?

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  • Our instructions cover these exact two sireanco’sAny floor installed with Elastilon needs to be:-1. Flat Floor must be even with a maximum tolerance between 1/8” over 6 ft or 3/16” in a 10 ft radius. (2mm per 2.5 meters)2. Clean and structurally sound Free of debris and any other loose material. Wood sub-floors must be stable and securely fastened to supporting joists. Be sure to nail or screw any areas that are loose or squeak. Sand, scrap, or grind any raised edges and level all low spots with the appropriate leveling compound (Concrete floors included) so that maximum tolerances are met.Wood that is not perfect It is also important to visually inspect each piece of wood flooring before being installed. As with any other type of installation method, Elastilon cannot compensate for flooring that is severely bowed, warped, cupped, milled incorrectly or damaged prior to an installation. However, most boards may be used if the defective section is cut and removed with the remainder of the board used as a start or end piece, used in a closet, in a low traffic area or used in a concealed portion of the room. Please note that the use of mechanical fastening systems such as straps should never be used to force boards together. Pressure from a rubber mallet and the use of blue painters tape to keep boards tight is permissible. During the racking ( building) of the floor on top of the Elastilon protective release strip, flooring that is not severely bowed can be installed as long as it can still be inserted into the T G of the boards surrounding it. This will pull the board straight and allow full contact on the Elastilon membrane. Be sure to place a small amount of carpenters glue on all four sides of the affected board for a concern free installation.

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