How to Create a Non-Slip Concrete Surface

Concrete can be very slippery, especially if you polish it to a glossy shine and want a mirror like finish. This is usually not a problem in areas with low to medium traffic and where the surface doesn’t get wet. People can walk over the surface without any accidents. But in high-traffic and wet areas, concrete can become slippery. In such conditions, we at Custom Concrete Floors recommend non slip concrete finishes and here’s how we do it: non slip concrete floor ottawa

Broom Finish

This is one of the most common methods to make concrete slip-resistant in areas where the look of the surface isn’t of great concern. It’s easy to create this textured surface by following the steps listed below:

• We pour in the slab.
• Strike the excess concrete off the surface with screed.
• Tamp down on the surface with a bull float
• We wait until the bleed water has completely evaporated.
• Trowel all the lines left behind by the bull float.
• Use a special concrete broom to add texture to the surface.
• Let the concrete cure.

This gives the concrete surface a textured, non-slip finish that ensures there’ll be no accidents.

Gritty Sealers

If you want to add an attractive finish to the non slip concrete surface, you can’t use the broom method. In such cases, gritty sealers will do a better job. Sealer manufacturers now offer grit that we can add to the final coat to give the surface a non-slip finish.

Through this method, you can ensure the surface looks good but still has some texture in order to prevent accidents. The best grit is made from ground polyurethane as it doesn’t compromise the look of the finish. It’s transparent and light would just pass through it and let the beauty of the finish shine.

Some contractors do use aluminum oxide or silica sand grit but they don’t work as effectively, and will alter the finish of the surface. These materials are rarely used in modern products because most customers don’t like the results they give.

You can also install slip-resistant tape manufactured by companies like 3M in some applications. If you have any questions about non slip concrete or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.
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