How Will Concrete Flooring Stand Up to Flooding?

concrete floors ottawa maintenance cleaningIn flood prone areas, using construction materials that are less vulnerable to water damage is always a good idea. This is especially true for flooring, which usually sustains the maximum amount of damage. Wood can become irreparably damaged during a flood, while other materials can become water stained and downright ugly.

In such cases, concrete flooring definitely performs better. Architects and experts in the field agree that concrete is very resilient in floods and a better material to use in flood prone areas. Here are some reasons why:

Water Damage

Concrete isn’t vulnerable to water damage. It doesn’t get stained or cracked because of water. Concrete has a very low rate of water absorption. That is, it absorbs water very slowly over long periods of time. As long as it’s not able to become too dry, it’ll actually strengthen in the presence of water.

It’s Resilient

Concrete is very resilient, even in flood conditions. As we mentioned before, concrete doesn’t sustain water damage. Using this as a construction material would reduce the amount of property loss in the aftermath of a flood. This is one of the primary reasons why the material is used in the construction of dams. If your concrete flooring is installed properly, it’ll withstand flood conditions for a long time. It’s vital to ensure that there are no gaps or air pockets in the concrete. These can trap moisture and that can lead to cracks or damage.

Trapping Moisture

You need to be careful not to trap moisture between the concrete floor and the material laid on it. For example, if you have a carpet over your flooring, it’s vital to dry out the concrete before placing the carpet on it once again. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to deal with issues like mold. The concrete flooring itself isn’t affected by the moisture. However, it can lead to damp conditions if it’s not dried properly.

Low Repair Costs after the Flood

A concrete floor reduces the overall expense of repairs after the flood. As long as it’s not covered with impermeable material, concrete will eventually dry. If there is any damage, it can be repaired easily without too much expense. There’s no need to replace any tile, wood, or carpet.

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