Makeover Your Garage Floor!

When using a residential garage for more than just storing your cars, the amount of options available on the market are certainly abundant. You want something that is going to be easy to clean, nonslip and able to resist all of the things that your car, and your life can throw at it.

In the Ottawa area, the city has decided to switch from one kind of road salt to another. The former road salt was very corrosive to the metals and components used in our vehicles, the new one is not as corrosive to our cars but, unfortunately, is 10 times more corrosive to concrete.

garage floor makeover ottawa

It’s important to choose a garage floor that will not only stand up to the activities that you take part in in your personal space, but also to the contamination that you bring home on your car tires and on your car’s underbody.

Now that the boring stuff is over, let’s talk about what’s fun about a garage floor makeover!

Your options are truly unlimited these days. You can have a clean modern high-gloss grey floor all the way to something you’ve seen in the movies. High definition graphics, extreme clarity and crystal clear crisp colours and lines.

Your garage floor can also be changed in more functional ways, such as, adding a drain to catch car melt off and changing the grade so that the water, when washing your vehicles and floor, goes where you want it to go, instead of underneath all of your valuables you have stored around the perimeter of your space.

Garages floors suitable for makeovers are not reserved only for those who have a concrete slab in good condition. We can make any floor look brand-new using advanced technologies available today for garage floor re-mediation, rejuvenation and design.

garage floor makeover ottawa cove baseWhile we’re at it, why not add cove bases? These are generally 4 to 6 inch integrated quarter rounds incorporated into the joint between the floor and wall. These make your floor and wall truly seamless, making it that much easier to clean and dry your garage space.

No matter what the use of space, size or exposure to contamination, there is a product and technique available out there to make your garage floor makeover a reality. Contact us today for a quote or some tips, we are happy to help.

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