Professional Custom Concrete Flooring in Ottawa

Concrete is no longer considered to be an “industrial looking” or “boring” material. As a matter of fact, it has shed that reputation long ago and is now used in a variety of beautiful finishes for flooring applications. Today, professional custom concrete floors in Ottawa have become a popular interior design trend and are found in upscale homes and commercial establishments as well.Polished Concrete Floor Ottawa

Why Opt for Professional Installers?

While some property owners feel that it’s possible to turn concrete flooring installations into a DIY weekend project, the fact is that this is a specialized job and not one that a novice would be able to handle; this is because it needs:

  • Knowledge about the installation process & the different types of finishes available; a lot of this knowledge also comes from hands-on experience, which a DIY enthusiast won’t have.
  • It needs specialized equipment that isn’t very easily available. Even if you do manage to acquire it, you would need weeks of training and work experience before you would be able to shine the concrete floor using various grinding and polishing techniques.
  • There are certain chemical processes involved in the installation of polished concrete flooring, and its best that the job be left to the professionals.
  • In case any problems arise during the installation of installation, experienced installers would be able to quickly tackle the problems, before the issue gets out of hand.
  • When DIYers handle concrete floor polishing, the most common mistake is what’s called the “swirl mark devastation.” When they are trying to polish the floor, they fail to notice that a number of scratches are starting to show up on the surface and by the time they do notice it, the harm has already been done. The only option at this point is to start all over again. This can become a very time-consuming, tedious and expensive proposition.
  • Professionals use specialized dust collection equipment that helps keep the area and air clean while the work is in progress.

Hire the Experts

If you are considering getting a concrete floor installed, it’s best to opt for the services of a company that provides professional custom concrete floors in Ottawa services. If you have any questions related to this service and want a no-obligation estimate, simply call Custom Concrete Floors at 613 327 9127. Alternatively, you can use this contact us form to send us your queries and we will respond without delay.






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