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Decorative Concrete Floors

custom concrete flooring ottawa random top overlay patternDecorative concrete flooring is becoming more popular amongst homeowners and commercial locations. Decorative concrete flooring is great for those who want a flooring system that can be customized to any taste or an interior design motif. They can be sleek, smooth, high gloss, muted grey and modern or they can be a rustic country stamped overlay or troweled floor. Decorative concrete flooring can take on a life of its own anywhere in your home or commercial location whether on an existing concrete floor or on a wood sub floor.

One of the major advantages to decorative concrete flooring is not only its economical price, but the fact that it is seamless has made it very popular in areas that need easy clean solutions. Because it is seamless, this also lends well to interior design that requires the feeling of openness and the appearance of large expansive spaces.

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Whether you are working with the existing concrete surface or installing a concrete floor over a wood subfloor, your options for the end aesthetic of the surface vary only slightly. With a wood sub floor as a starting point, the overall cost of starting and finishing floor will be higher than if you were to install the floor directly onto a concrete slab. This is because of the material and labour involved in creating an artificial concrete base as a starting point to your decorative finish.

A decorative concrete floor on a wood sub floor falls in the price range of a medium to high quality tile floor. When finishing existing concrete, prices almost always fall under that of traditional flooring, this is because rather than purchasing a floor and installing it along with new materials, the floor is simply being modified to show off its natural inherent beauty.

If the floor is too damaged or worn to display its character, opaque options are available, such as troweled overlays, coatings of epoxy, polyaspartic polyurea or colour flakes.

If you are thinking about installing a decorative concrete floor in your home or commercial location, sufficient understanding of the process is extremely important. unlike traditional flooring, you are not just purchasing a pre-manufactured project but rather hiring someone to create a customized floor for you on site. While the challenges this presents are not unsurmountable, planning for a decorative floor still does take some time and involves skills trades people to produce the outcome you desire.

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