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The Best Parking Garage Coatings

Heavy vehicular traffic can cause considerable amount of wear and tear  garage floors because cars tend to place a lot of pressure on the surface and strip away the coating over time. If you want your floor to last for a long time and retain its looks, you need to apply the right coating. At Custom Concrete Floors, we understand parking garage coatings and can recommend the best ones for your surface. There are some products that we trust and have seen perform well in a variety of condition, such as:

polyaspartic garage floor coatings 1Sika MT Primer 

This is a good primer for dry as well as damp surfaces and will prepare the floor for other finishing products. It’s high in solids, promotes adhesion, and is moisture tolerant, which makes it easy to use in different conditions. Your garage floor will have a good base for a variety of treatments and finishes.

Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System

If you want added moisture and wear resistance, you can choose this single component water-proofing system that would fill small cracks and is quite elastic. This system gives the garage floor surface some flexibility and helps it withstand both pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Sikalastic 735 AL, 736 AL Lo-VOC, 748 PA Aliphatic Top Coats

This is a high performance topcoat specifically designed for the Sikalastic 710 or 715 and 720 or 745 AL Traffic Systems. If you’ve installed those systems in your garage floor, you need to purchase this topcoat to enhance the performance and durability of the parking garage coatings. 

Sikalastic Duochem

The Duochem line contains a wide range of product including Duochem 387, 389, 390 Membrane, 391/391 SA, 394/394SA, 8200. The range consists of primers, waterproofing membranes, topcoats, binders, patching mortars, and wear courses. 

Sikalastic Duodeck Traffic System

This is a unique and highly effective waterproofing and protection system for all kinds of concrete surfaces and decks. It’s 100% solids and should be applied in multiple coats.

Sikalastic Recoat Primer

This is a two-component primer that’s applied in liquid form and still has high content of solids. It’s used for partially completed or completed urethane coating systems.

If you have any questions about the best parking garage coatings or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.


What Is Gypcrete Flooring?

Gypcrete is another name for gypsum concrete and it’s very versatile. It can be used innovatively in a variety of residential and commercial applications because it’s durable but not as heavy as traditional concrete. Its lightweight nature has made it very popular with designers and contractors alike. Like all materials, gypcrete has its advantages and disadvantages. We at Custom Concrete Floors believe that this material is ideal for specific applications and understand its limitations.self leveling concrete ottawa flooring

Advantages of Gypcrete Flooring


One of the biggest advantages of gypcrete is its weight. A 1.5 inch slab of gypcrete will only weight 13 pounds per sq ft while traditional concrete of similar size weighs 18 pounds. This can add to the overall weight of the floor and place strain on the structure of the building frame. This material is ideal for wooden frames and multi-storied buildings.


Traditional concrete takes 28 days to cure and is relatively difficult and time consuming to install. Gypcrete is quicker and doesn’t require as much curing time. In fact, you can consider adding finishing touches about 48 hours after the topping is applied. We can easily install this flooring on a 20,000 sq ft surface in one day.


Because the project requires less time and a lower amount of labor, gypcrete is an affordable alternative to traditional concrete. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose gypcrete instead of concrete for your property.

Disadvantages of Gypcrete Flooring

Gypcrete floorings might be lightweight, quick to install, and affordable, but it does have a few disadvantages which include:

Limited Finishing Options – You’ll have a limited number of finishing options because this floor can’t be used as an underlayment for epoxy and other such coatings. It can’t be polished either because it is more fragile than traditional concrete and won’t be able to endure the pressure of polishing. You can install hardwood, carpet, or tiles on it if you want to add an interesting finish to this floor.

Weaker – Gypcrete is sometimes weaker than traditional concrete and won’t have the same impact strength, water proofing, and crack resistance. You’ll have to add a resilient finishing material over the gypcrete surface to improve its strength and durability.

If you have any questions about gypcrete flooring or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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Decorative Ways to Finish a New Concrete Slab

Decorative Ways to Finish a New Concrete Slab ottawa

Concrete is very versatile and can be customized in many different ways to achieve the right finish. If you’ve just installed a new concrete slab, the world is your oyster because the surface is perfect and won’t require any additional preparation to get the result you want. At Custom Concrete Floors, we’ve applied a number of decorative finishes on new concrete slabs including:


This is the most common decorative finish for concrete floors and when utilized correctly, it can look stunning. We apply acid-based chemical stains on the surface and this provides a rich, luxurious colour that can’t be replicated by other coatings and dyes. The stain isn’t just a topical treatment; it sinks into the concrete and reacts chemically with it. Once the stain has sunk in, it won’t budge and will last for many years to come.

Dyes and Colors

You can paint the concrete surface with any colour you want and get a vivid and bright floor. Dyes contain smaller particles that can penetrate the porous surface and give a solid wash of colour. Unlike stains, the finish isn’t watercolour-like, so it’s great for floors that require bright colours like sports courts or residential floors with decorative patterns.

Polishing Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete looks stunning, especially if the surface is buffed to a glossy, almost mirror-like finish. This is a low-maintenance, no-wax floor that will enhance the overall beauty of your property. There are many different levels of polish so you can choose anything from flat matte to high-gloss finish based on your needs. If you add glass or stone aggregates to the floor, polishing will expose them and that can give you a unique, stand-out pattern that can’t be replicated by any other flooring material.


Stenciling is a great way to add character to your floor because you can create any pattern or design. It looks grand and luxurious but only a skilled professional will be able to create this. The stenciled design needs to be precise and carefully planned, otherwise it may look a little busy. We have several years of experience in this field and will make sure your stenciled floors look great.

If you have any questions about concrete flooring, or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.

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How to Create a Non-Slip Concrete Surface

Concrete can be very slippery, especially if you polish it to a glossy shine and want a mirror like finish. This is usually not a problem in areas with low to medium traffic and where the surface doesn’t get wet. People can walk over the surface without any accidents. But in high-traffic and wet areas, concrete can become slippery. In such conditions, we at Custom Concrete Floors recommend non slip concrete finishes and here’s how we do it: non slip concrete floor ottawa

Broom Finish

This is one of the most common methods to make concrete slip-resistant in areas where the look of the surface isn’t of great concern. It’s easy to create this textured surface by following the steps listed below:

• We pour in the slab.
• Strike the excess concrete off the surface with screed.
• Tamp down on the surface with a bull float
• We wait until the bleed water has completely evaporated.
• Trowel all the lines left behind by the bull float.
• Use a special concrete broom to add texture to the surface.
• Let the concrete cure.

This gives the concrete surface a textured, non-slip finish that ensures there’ll be no accidents.

Gritty Sealers

If you want to add an attractive finish to the non slip concrete surface, you can’t use the broom method. In such cases, gritty sealers will do a better job. Sealer manufacturers now offer grit that we can add to the final coat to give the surface a non-slip finish.

Through this method, you can ensure the surface looks good but still has some texture in order to prevent accidents. The best grit is made from ground polyurethane as it doesn’t compromise the look of the finish. It’s transparent and light would just pass through it and let the beauty of the finish shine.

Some contractors do use aluminum oxide or silica sand grit but they don’t work as effectively, and will alter the finish of the surface. These materials are rarely used in modern products because most customers don’t like the results they give.

You can also install slip-resistant tape manufactured by companies like 3M in some applications. If you have any questions about non slip concrete or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.
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Fixing Basement Floor Cracks In Concrete 

Cracks in a concrete basement floor might seem intimidating at first, but they’re really easy to repair. You shouldn’t be alarmed when you see a long, thin crack on the surface, because it’s almost inevitable with basement concrete flooring and can be easily fixed. When concrete dries it hardens and shrinks, which can lead to cracks during the installation process. The movement of the building and the weather will only contribute to this problem.Polished concrete ottawa crack repair

At Custom Concrete Floors, we recommend that you fix the problem as quickly as you can. If water or moisture seeps into the crack, it can damage the floor even further. Here are some tips on how to repair concrete cracks in your floor.

  • Examine It- The first step is to examine the crack and determine just how wide and long it is. Some cracks require nothing more than masonry crack filler. That would seal the crack and create an even surface.
  • Clean the Area- Once you’ve determined the size and seriousness of the crack, clean the area with a wire brush or a rag. The idea is to remove all debris from the crack because this will allow the concrete patch to adhere to the surface better. 
  • Chisel- Once the surface is clean, it’s time to fix the crack. As we mentioned before, small cracks only need masonry crack filler and a caulking gun. You need to fill the crack, tamp it down to eliminate air pockets, and level the surface.

For wider cracks that exceed 1 inch in size, you will have to chisel the edges and widen the cracks by about a quarter of an inch on both sides. This will remove all loose concrete from the edges.

  • Clean and Apply –After you have chiseled the sides, clean the surface and make sure there’s no debris. If you use a vinyl patching compound, you can mix it and apply directly to the crack.

If you use patching mortar, mix it well a bonding agent instead of water to ensure the compound adheres to the edges of the crack. After this, you only need to tamp the surface to remove air pockets and complete the finish.

As you can see, it’s very easy to repair concrete cracks in a basement floor. If you have any questions about concrete floor cracks or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.

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Garage Floor Resurfacing in Ottawa


garage floor resurfacing in ottawa custom concrete floorsGarage floor resurfacing in Ottawa can completely revamp and modernize the look of your garage. No matter how oil stained, pitted, or abused your garage floor is, you can easily correct all its flaws and make it look brand new. It’s not a very difficult project to do and your new floor would be ready to use in no time. If you follow the steps listed below, your garage surface will have a perfect finish.

Prepare the Surface

Your first step should be to evaluate the surface and make sure it’s sound. If the concrete surface isn’t firm and durable, resurfacing will only damage the concrete floor further. If you have any large cracks or dents in the concrete, you should repair it before you resurface it. The process is simple and doesn’t take too much time. You need a perfectly even surface for your concrete floor finish to look attractive.


The surface needs to be absolutely free of dust and debris before you apply the resurfacer. You can use a garden hose with sufficient pressure or a pressure washer to clean the surface thoroughly. You would need at least 3,500 psi of water pressure to clean the floor well. Any stains, oils, paints, and chemical stains should also be removed from the surface.


Once the surface is prepared, mix once bag of resurfacer at a time. We recommend that you mix with cold water in warmer temperatures and with warm water in cooler temperatures. You should let the mixture rest for a few moments, mix it thoroughly again until it’s syrupy in texture.


It’s a good idea to be organized and have all your tools at hand before you apply the resurfacer. Make sure that the floor is clean before you pour the mixture on one section of it and spread it quickly with a long-handle squeegee. This will ensure that the resurfacer spreads evenly across the surface. Make sure that you scuff the surface with a broom to add a little more texture. This will ensure the floor isn’t too slippery.

After all, the resurfacing process needs to cure for at least 8 to 24 hours before you use it. If you have any questions about garage floor resurfacing  in Ottawa or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.

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Top Concrete Floor Rejuvenation Techniques

concrete floor rejuvenation

Regardless of how drab and old your driveway, patio, paver or any other concrete flooring has become, it’s possible to give it a new lease of life. Here are some top concrete floor rejuvenation techniques. Before deciding which concrete floor rejuvenation technique to use, you will have to assess the condition of the flooring; based on this you can:


This is the easiest technique and even a DIY enthusiast can tackle it. There are a number of specialized concrete floor cleaning products available in the market and you would need an algaecide, a stain remover, a bio-active oil remover and an effective concrete cleaner. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label to clean your floor and bring it to a sparkle.

Clean and Seal

Our recommendation is that once the cleaning has been completed, the floor should also be sealed. This protects the surface from stains and scratches and lends it a luster too. If your concrete floor already has a sealer on it, you will have to use a different sealer/conditioner, after cleaning the existing surface.

Create New Concrete Surface and then Seal

You can alter the look & texture of the existing concrete surface, with the use of heavy acid etching techniques. It can be honed or given a sandstone finish and then carefully sealed. When the aggregate profile is revealed, the surface gets an attractive textured look. Once this has been done, you can then seal the floor as mentioned earlier.

Tinted Sealers

This is a sealer with colour and is a coating that isn’t as solid as paint. It’s why you are still able to see the natural appearance of the concrete through it. These tinted sealers are available in a range of colours and many companies also sell test pots at a small charge.

Create a Pattern

This is also a type of concrete floor rejuvenation technique in which you can create a complete new look on the existing floor. Concrete can be stamped into any pattern you like, with the use of special stencils. It can then be sealed to protect the surface.

While it’s possible to use these concrete floor rejuvenation techniques in a DIY project, it’s a better idea to call in professionals like the ones at Custom Concrete Floors for a well-finished, high quality job. For more information, call us at 613 327 9127 or connect with us via this contact us form.


Why Painting Concrete Flooring is a Mistake

There are several affordable and easy-to-use floor coatings available in the market for your concrete floors. You can achieve any look, any design, and any quality you wish with these coatings. However, people are still drawn to paint and will use ordinary concrete paint to cover their concrete floors.

While this might seem like an inexpensive way to get attractive floors, it’s not really a good idea for the overall health of the surface. At Custom Concrete Floors, we believe that while the alternatives might be a little more expensive, they’re worth the cost. The aspects you should take into consideration are:concrete floors ottawa floor paint

  • Durability –

    Consider just how much traffic your concrete floor is subjected to. There’s always a likelihood of stains, chipping, and foot prints on the painted concrete floor. It would take no time at all for the floor to start looking dirty and ugly. On the other hand, coatings such as epoxy as easily last for 3 to 5 years and polyurethane can last for 5 to 8 years. Instead of painting the concrete floor repeatedly every year, you can apply a better coating that would look great for several years.

  • Cost –

    Yes, painting the floors is cheap. Normal acrylic paint is the most affordable option while epoxy paints are a little more expensive, but produce better results. The problem is that with both these finishes, you need to reapply paint every year. You’ll need to sand the surface, prepare and reseal the concrete, apply the paint again.

If you keep repeating this process every year, eventually, you’ll end up spending more money over the course of 3 to 4 years than you’d spend on epoxy coatings that would last that long. Over a period of time, the cost of painting, is definitely more than the most of epoxy coatings.

  • Resilience-

    Painted floors are simply not suited for garage floors as it can be subjected to chemical stains, hot tires, and other such issues. The paint will eventually peel off, leaving behind ugly patches on the floor. It would also leave the concrete underneath vulnerable if it’s not properly sealed. It’s always a better investment to just use epoxy coatings instead of paint. Yes, it might be a little more expensive, but the results are worth the money.

If you have any questions about concrete floors designs or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call at 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.


Custom Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floors put up with a lot. Heavy machinery might sit or travel on it. There’s also a lot of human foot traffic. Industrial flooring also sees a lot for oil and chemical spills, which can quickly damage the concrete. It’s a common misconception that concrete isn’t very durable. That’s not the case at all. Concrete is very resilient if it has the right amount of protection on it.

Coatings are that protection. At Custom Concrete Floors, we always encourage our customers to apply the right treatment to the concrete to ensure its longevity. There are several coatings you can apply to the surface:epoxy finish the floor company ottawa

  • EpoxyThis coating is great for damaged and scratched floors. It can quickly cover all the flaws and make your flooring attractive. All you have to do is apply the epoxy according to the floor’s condition. You can apply a thin layer of it on new surfaces and well-maintained concrete.

If the floor is too damaged, a thick layer of the epoxy coating would level it and hide the flaws. This material is very durable, and can be easily applied. It’s also very affordable, which makes epoxy an attractive prospect for companies looking to save some revenue.

  • PolyurethaneThis particular coating is widely used in industrial applications. This material is just as resilient than epoxy. It can handle a lot of abuse without showing any evidence of it. The coating is resistant to chemicals and oils and won’t be easily stained. 

This coating is great for areas that see a lot of traffic. They also come in several different kinds of finishes so you can expect a great looking floor that’s very durable. The application process is much more complicated as well. You can fully expect this flooring to last for 5 to 8 years.

Naturally, it’s also more expensive than epoxy but if your industrial floor sees a lot of wear and tear, this might be the right flooring for you. Just leave the application in the hands of the concrete floor coating professionals.

If you have any questions about concrete floors or want a free, no-obligation estimate, give us at Custom Concrete Floors a call on 613 327 9127. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’re reply as soon as possible.


3 Common Questions about Concrete Flooring Answered

concrete floors ottawa polished concreteFor decades, concrete floors were tagged as ‘boring’ and ‘industrial’; however, that is no longer the case. Today, concrete has broken through those shackles and has evolved and emerged into a trendy flooring material that is used in a range of settings. It can be stained in any colour, embedded with glass, stone etc and polished to a sheen and can give any high-end natural stone flooring, a run for its money.

Despite this, many people have a number of questions about concrete flooring. Here are three common ones answered:

1) Do Concrete Floors Crack Easily?

It’s a fact that some concrete floors will develop cracks over time; but in most instances, this is because the material isn’t of a good grade, the floor hasn’t been installed correctly, or it hasn’t been sealed and polished well. While some people find the minute cracks to have a very rustic appeal, others prefer the flooring to be seamless. If you fall in the latter category, the one way to ensure that your concrete floor stays crack-free is to treat it with decorative overlays or treatments such as stencilling, opaque epoxies or staining.

2) Are Concrete Floors too Cold?

Concrete is a cold material, but that’s how natural stone or ceramic tile flooring is too. The distinct advantage of getting concrete floors installed on your property is that they have an inherent capacity to store & radiate heat. Installing heating cables within concrete floors can help keep them warm in the colder months. It’s also a good idea to design windows in such a way that they let in more sunlight and allow your concrete flooring to hold and radiate the heat.

3) Are Decorative Concrete Floors Heavy on the Pocket?

In comparison to materials such as marble, slate and tile, concrete flooring is actually a far more economical alternative. Skilled floor installation personnel can replicate the look of these expensive and exclusive materials, in decorative concrete installations. Concrete also lasts much longer than floor coverings such as vinyl, carpeting and wood laminates; this provides you high value in the long-term.

The Low-Maintenance Flooring Option

Decorative concrete flooring is low-maintenance, and all it needs is a simple vacuuming/sweeping and an occasional damp mopping. As long as the floor has been sealed well and has been coated with wax or a good quality floor finish, it resists stains, abrasion and chemicals. What more could one ask for?

If you have any queries about concrete floors call Custom Concrete Floors at 613 327 9127. Alternatively use this contact us form to send us your questions and we will revert within the shortest possible time.