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The Best Concrete Floor Design Ideas

There’s a general, completely false belief that concrete is dull, grey, and boring. Yes, it might be all those things if you just pour out plain concrete, let it dry, and do nothing. In fact, some might argue that it’s urbane, industrial, and edgy. The fact of the matter is that concrete is one of the most versatile surfaces available today.

With just a few different treatments, it can transform your floor and turn blah into wow. Our clients here at Custom Concrete Floors always wonder just how to enhance the look of concrete, so here are some ideas.

Stained FlooringCustom Concrete Floors Eco Polish

Most people are aware of stained concrete but they don’t really comprehend just how versatile you can get with it. You can add conventional colors to the mix to create gray, brown, or cream coloured floors. However, some homeowners and designers are becoming adventurous and use the versatility of concrete to the fullest extent. From jet black floors that look decidedly stylish and French, to jewel-like turquoise flooring that looks like ocean water. There’s no limit to the effect you can achieve with stains.

Etched Concrete

Etching concrete requires specialized tools that slightly cut into the surface of the floor to create designs. You can add geometrical shapes, borders and lines, or hand-etch beautiful patterns. Again, there’s very little you can’t achieve. Etching needs considerable effort, especially hand-etching, but the end results are worth it. A combination of staining, etching, and clear-coating can create a stunning floor that’ll be unique to your home and great to look at.

Polished Floors 

Polished concrete is very versatile. It’s low-cost, easy to maintain, and can look amazing. The polish is usually achieved through machines with different levels of grinding bits, sealants, and densifiers. You can achieve a mirror-like sheen the floor. While plain concrete floors will look grey and glossy with polishing, you can actually improve the appearance.

You can add natural stone aggregates of any size and colour to the concrete mixture. When polished, these aggregates are exposed. Some people also use recycled glass aggregates. The result is often outstanding as these floors look grand and unique. Some people use a combination of different aggregates to create a colourful effect.

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