The Concrete Crack Repair Process Explained

It’s a common misconception that if there are cracks in a concrete surface, you need to replace the slab entirely. Sometimes, an expert might recommend that you replace a large section of the concrete floor if the crack is long enough and deep enough, but you rarely need to replace the entire floor. At Custom Concrete Floors, we only recommend a full replacement when there are deep structural issues to be addressed.

Concrete crack repair can be a quick and easy process and the results will last for a long time if it’s done by a skilled and careful hand.

The Concrete Crack Repair Process ExplainedPolished concrete ottawa crack repair

The first step is to examine the crack and determine the reason why it exists. As mentioned earlier, some cracks might be an indicator that something’s wrong with the structure. Applying a concrete patch is one of the simplest ways to handle concrete crack repair.

  • We first chisel out the crack, creating a backward angle cut. The depth of this is determined by the depth of the cracks. It’s important not to dig too deep or it’ll weaken the concrete and damage it.
  • We then clear away any debris using a wire brush. In some instances we use a portable drill that has a wire wheel attachment. The idea is to remove all debris from the surface; otherwise the concrete crack repair work won’t stick.
  • A thin layer of bonding adhesive will then be applied to the crack. Here we are careful to cover all areas of the crack. The adhesive would ensure that the repair material doesn’t become loose over time.
  • At this stage, we mix a vinyl-enforced patching compound and it will be carefully filled it into the crack before feathering the repair surface with the trowel. We ensure that the surface is completely smooth and even, or it might develop cracks later on.

In case of large concrete crack repair, we first chisel out the cracks and clean the debris as mentioned above. After that, sand will be poured into the crack and it will be packed lightly. We then prepare a sand-mix concrete, add a concrete fortifier to it and pour the mixture into the crack. The surface will then be smoothed and allowed to cure for a while before it can be used.

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