Top Concrete Floor Rejuvenation Techniques

concrete floor rejuvenation

Regardless of how drab and old your driveway, patio, paver or any other concrete flooring has become, it’s possible to give it a new lease of life. Here are some top concrete floor rejuvenation techniques. Before deciding which concrete floor rejuvenation technique to use, you will have to assess the condition of the flooring; based on this you can:


This is the easiest technique and even a DIY enthusiast can tackle it. There are a number of specialized concrete floor cleaning products available in the market and you would need an algaecide, a stain remover, a bio-active oil remover and an effective concrete cleaner. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label to clean your floor and bring it to a sparkle.

Clean and Seal

Our recommendation is that once the cleaning has been completed, the floor should also be sealed. This protects the surface from stains and scratches and lends it a luster too. If your concrete floor already has a sealer on it, you will have to use a different sealer/conditioner, after cleaning the existing surface.

Create New Concrete Surface and then Seal

You can alter the look & texture of the existing concrete surface, with the use of heavy acid etching techniques. It can be honed or given a sandstone finish and then carefully sealed. When the aggregate profile is revealed, the surface gets an attractive textured look. Once this has been done, you can then seal the floor as mentioned earlier.

Tinted Sealers

This is a sealer with colour and is a coating that isn’t as solid as paint. It’s why you are still able to see the natural appearance of the concrete through it. These tinted sealers are available in a range of colours and many companies also sell test pots at a small charge.

Create a Pattern

This is also a type of concrete floor rejuvenation technique in which you can create a complete new look on the existing floor. Concrete can be stamped into any pattern you like, with the use of special stencils. It can then be sealed to protect the surface.

While it’s possible to use these concrete floor rejuvenation techniques in a DIY project, it’s a better idea to call in professionals like the ones at Custom Concrete Floors for a well-finished, high quality job. For more information, call us at 613 327 9127 or connect with us via this contact us form.


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