What Is Gypcrete Flooring?

Gypcrete is another name for gypsum concrete and it’s very versatile. It can be used innovatively in a variety of residential and commercial applications because it’s durable but not as heavy as traditional concrete. Its lightweight nature has made it very popular with designers and contractors alike. Like all materials, gypcrete has its advantages and disadvantages. We at Custom Concrete Floors believe that this material is ideal for specific applications and understand its limitations.self leveling concrete ottawa flooring

Advantages of Gypcrete Flooring


One of the biggest advantages of gypcrete is its weight. A 1.5 inch slab of gypcrete will only weight 13 pounds per sq ft while traditional concrete of similar size weighs 18 pounds. This can add to the overall weight of the floor and place strain on the structure of the building frame. This material is ideal for wooden frames and multi-storied buildings.


Traditional concrete takes 28 days to cure and is relatively difficult and time consuming to install. Gypcrete is quicker and doesn’t require as much curing time. In fact, you can consider adding finishing touches about 48 hours after the topping is applied. We can easily install this flooring on a 20,000 sq ft surface in one day.


Because the project requires less time and a lower amount of labor, gypcrete is an affordable alternative to traditional concrete. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose gypcrete instead of concrete for your property.

Disadvantages of Gypcrete Flooring

Gypcrete floorings might be lightweight, quick to install, and affordable, but it does have a few disadvantages which include:

Limited Finishing Options – You’ll have a limited number of finishing options because this floor can’t be used as an underlayment for epoxy and other such coatings. It can’t be polished either because it is more fragile than traditional concrete and won’t be able to endure the pressure of polishing. You can install hardwood, carpet, or tiles on it if you want to add an interesting finish to this floor.

Weaker – Gypcrete is sometimes weaker than traditional concrete and won’t have the same impact strength, water proofing, and crack resistance. You’ll have to add a resilient finishing material over the gypcrete surface to improve its strength and durability.

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